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Exclusively in Community Apps, users can add "bio" text that is visible in all apps. This bio is also displayed on the top section of the user profile page. The bio can only be edited from within a Community App.


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Profiles and DiscussionsEdit

Many Community Apps also include Discussions. This conversation feature allows app users and desktop users to talk about the community's topic and content.

To participate in Discussions, an app user must be logged in. After logging in, a user can upload and change their avatar and add "bio" text. The avatar and bio text will be visible in all Community Apps as well as on the top section of the user's wiki profile in browsers.

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However, profile content entered in an app can only be seen in Community Apps. The wiki profile page content remains separate at this time.


Profile content added via the app will also be visible on wiki profile pages, but is only editable via the app.