Other usable video sitesEdit

The video extension also supports several other video hosting sites. Replace "id" with the unique identifier each site uses in their URLs.

<gtrailer width="360" height="300" gtid="704353"/>
An example of a video

Google Video
  • <gvideo gvid="id" width="width" height="height" />
  • <gvideo width height>id</> audio and video
  • <aovideo aovid width height />
  • <aoaudio aoaid width height /> video
  • <gtrailer gtid="id"/>
  • <gtrailer>id</gtrailer>
Tangler forum
  • <tangler tid gid />
  • <tangler> tid | gid </tangler>
  • <tangler>id=xxx|gid=xxx</tangler>